Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics celebrates Qatar Statistics Day on December 06, 2016


On the occasion of Qatar Statistics Day which falls on December 6 every year, the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) celebrates this day in light of Qatar’s significant development in statistics. The MDPS achieved several important statistical projects by virtue of its annual work plan.
The electronic linkage with source agencies is one of the ministry’s key projects through which data flow with ease into the ministry’s database. Such a linkage is accomplished in conformity with the applicable plans with relevant agencies, and resulted in a modern, accurate and timely database.
The MDPS has achieved multiple projects, and currently working on the accomplishment of others. From the economic statistics perspective, It implements the Annual Economic Survey of Sectorial Statistics, Foreign Investment Survey, Tourism Statistics Sub-Account, and updates the Economic Establishments Framework.

As for the population statistics, the MDPS has achieved Population Projections 2030, and Administrative Registers Development in terms of statistics of education, training, culture, labor force, deaths and births, and marriage and divorce.
In the field of censuses and surveys, the MDPS is readying itself by the end of this year to accomplish the Annual Labor Force Survey, and it is about to finish the surveys it is implementing in collaboration with the concerned agencies in the country, such as the Consumer Price Index, Confidence in Business Climate Index, and other specialized surveys. In addition, the MDPS carries out multiple polls and questionnaires which are needed by official agencies in the country.
Among the MDPS’ main publications this year, there are Qatar Social Statistics (2005-2014), Labor Force Sample Survey (Q2 2016), Business Confidence Index (Q2 2016), Prices and Indices Bullet 2015, Construction Bullet 2015, Energy and Industry Bulletin 2015, Marriage and Divorce Bulletin 2015, in addition to “Qatar; Monthly Statistics”  Bulletin which features diverse monthly statistics and indicators. Besides, the interested persons could have access to these publications on the MDPS’ new website which was opened in last October . The website affords easy access to statistics and information as well as to the ministry’s latest developments on both development planning and statistics.
The MDPS organized the Arab Forum on Building Statistical Capacity for a Data Revolution in last October, in cooperation with PARIS 21, and GCC-STAT Center.

It is noted that the MDPS is concerned with the development and formulation of the country’s holistic vision in cooperation with relevant agencies, and preparation of national development strategies and their implementation follow-up. The MDPS also prepares studies related these strategies and population policies, supports the planning process in government agencies to link development priorities with the country’s public budget. It also conducts plans implementation progress follow-up, and the establishment of an integrated statistical system. Further, it conducts, organizes and supervises the official statistical processes, implements the different censuses and surveys, and publishes statistical data and products.