Goals and Benefits

عملية اعداد استراتيجية التنمية الوطنية
As Qatar sets its eyes on an ambitious vision, the National Development Strategy is the vehicle that will take it there, ensuring unparalleled standards of living and allowing all Qataris- men, women and youth- to fulfill their potential and realize their dreams and ambitions. By ensuring sustainable levels of economic, social, human, and environmental development, the National Development Strategy will bring tangible benefits to all Qataris which will be felt in their everyday lives and on every level.

Laying the First Stone on the Path to Qatar’s Future

When His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani put forth Qatar’s National Vision 2030, he envisioned a clear path to achieving this vision through the development of a step-by-step strategy that would turn each goal in the QNV into a concrete reality for Qatar.

This plan is the first National Development Strategy (National Development Strategy) 2011-2016, a strategy that will pave the way for Qatar’s economic, social, cultural, and environmental development, leading to an even more prosperous Qatar and setting the pace for future national strategies to come.

Driving Sustainable Growth and Modernization

A main goal of the National Development Strategy is to lay out the framework for Qatar’s growth, as it moves to diversify its economy beyond the oil and gas sector. This entails a long-term plan for sustainability: both economically and environmentally: the National Development Strategy seeks to carve out a steady rise in Qatar’s economy, reining in uncontrolled growth, while environmentally making certain that Qatar’s landscape flourishes and the quality of its air and water are preserved for generations to come.

The National Development Strategy is also focused on ensuring the ongoing development of a world-class infrastructure to guarantee that Qatar continues to be a choice destination for both regional and international visitors and investors, and to allow it to host what will be a memorable World cup in 2022, one which will draw hundreds of thousands of people from the four corners of the world to Qatar.

Empowering Qatari Citizens to Shape Their Tomorrow

The National Development Strategy aims to make the Qatar National Vision of an even more prosperous Qatar a reality through its focus on bolstering the education system and improving the quality and access to healthcare in the country.

The National Development Strategy, therefore, seeks to create a prosperous lifestyle for all Qataris and provide opportunities to those that need it most, whether women, those with limited economic means or youth who need the support of their Government, public institutions and the private sector to be empowered to make a difference in their nation. Another key aspect of the National Development Strategy is the emphasis on enhancing the participation of Qataris in the country’s workforce, by providing citizens with the tools and opportunities to contribute to Qatar’s economy and have rewarding careers.

Creating a People-Centered Strategy

The National Development Strategy is developed based on the expertise, ideas, needs and dreams of all segments of Qatari society, from government departments and ministries, to civil society institutions, academia, the private sector and ordinary citizens, as the development process led by GSDP brings together representatives from each of these segments to share their suggestions and help create a solid strategy.

By doing so, GSDP ensures that the National Development Strategy draws upon knowledge and experience relevant to each area of development while making certain that everyone’s voice is heard and that the Qatar of the future is the Qatar that its citizens aspire to and believe in.

Building on Qatar’s Rich Past to Reach its Ambitions

Yet, although the National Development Strategy entails a plan for Qatar’s modernization, it also emphas​izes the safeguarding and upholding of Qatar’s culture, in terms of encouraging a tolerant society dedicated to the Islamic values of community, charity and justice as well as the support of local customs.

The National Development Strategy’s emphasis on preserving Qatari culture also extends to the realm of preserving aspects of Qatari architecture and the traditional Qatari way of life.

Fostering Collaboration to Ensure Efficiency

The development of the National Development Strategy is centered on the contributions of both government employees and departments and their role in collaborating and sharing information, as well as the valuable input of key members of the private sector, civil society and citizenry. On the government level, employees’ role in the National Development Strategy encourages them to deliver the best possible services to Qatari citizens and to hone their skills to improve government services.

This pioneering development process that centers on collaboration is propelling Qatar to the forefront of international best practices, emphasizing the importance of efficiency and transparency across government and with the government’s stakeholders.

Helping Write Qatar’s Success Story

As Qatar sets its eyes on an ambitious vision, the National Development Strategy is the vehicle that will take it there, helping citizens realize their dreams for their country, enhancing the economic environment for businesses, investors and job seekers, presenting better opportunities for education, more holistic health care, and more efficient government services. The National Development Strategy development process will reach across Qatar’s government, private sector and civil society to bring together the most important ideas from each and ensure that everyone has a say in Qatar’s development.

By beginning with the first National Development Strategy, Qatar can accelerate its development and guarantee that it is on the right path to steady and planned growth and to continued achievement that is recognized not only globally but also by its own citizens who can proudly say that they are Qatari.

Preparing Qatar for the 2022 World Cup Milestone

As Qatar prepares to host one of the most anticipated events in the world, in a region where football stirs the passion and excitement of hundreds of millions of youth, the National Development Strategy will contribute to the country’s efforts to ensure that the 2022 World Cup is a ringing success.

By focusing on such areas as sports, infrastructure, healthcare, culture, security and public safety, and the environment, the National Development Strategy will help Qatar be fully prepared for the milestone awaited by every Qatari, Arab, and sports fan around the world.

With the guidance of Qatar’s wise leadership and the commitment and support of all Qataris, the National Development Strategy will allow Qatar to show the world what it is capable of and to organize an event that remains etched in people’s minds for many decades to come.