The Planning and Statistics Authority provides various job opportunities for those wishing to join its various departments in full coordination with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, and its role is not limited to employment only, but also to provide a distinguished group of rewarding and motivating jobs. The Planning and Statistics Authority believes in the institutional culture and working as one work team, in which the voice of each employee is heard and his opinion is important for the development of his work. In addition, the Authority helps its team members draw a brilliant picture of their career path in order to achieve their professional ambitions by providing training and skills development opportunities, and it also provides them with opportunities to face new professional challenges to hone and develop their skills. The Authority is currently focusing on benefiting from national talents, especially the youth component, and helping them develop their capabilities and benefit from their full potential and creative energies.

All employees of the Authority play vital and effective roles in the successful implementation of the various projects and tasks of the Authority and the achievement of its goals, and this requires selecting the best qualified candidates to take up vacant jobs, according to a mixture of experience, educational qualifications and skills, and matching them with the tasks of the jobs required to help them provide the best of their capabilities.

As part of the Planning and Statistics Authority’s endeavor to play its primary role in promoting development efforts in the State of Qatar, it is working to attract employees who have a variety of experiences and skills, from recent graduates to those with distinguished expertise, and the nature of the Authority’s projects and tasks necessitates the employment of motivated individuals to take up jobs. targeted at the state level. The Authority's workforce currently includes economists, statisticians, experts in social development, and administration staff, all of whom are distinguished by high technical, organizational and administrative skills. Prospective candidates have the opportunity to become part of the apparatus that provides them with excellent opportunities to learn and gain the necessary professional experience as well as opportunities for future development and promotion.