GIS and Statistics

The GIS section provides support services and apps to government and non-government organizations and agencies in the field of data representation on maps, in addition to the support of statistical operations and how to deal with field surveys and censuses.

These services also include electronic production of maps to support planning processes in the areas of environment, health and emergency response.

Digital Atlas of Qatar

This atlas is considered the second "electronic" version that complements the series of atlases issued by the Planning and Statistics Authority, as this atlas provides an analysis of the results of the Census 2020, comparing them with previous years, and interpreting them geographically through thematic maps. The atlas narrates the history of the story of our country, Qatar, from ancient times to the present day, where we will learn about the history of life in Qatar, its environment, the settlements in which they lived, and how Qatar turned into the country we know today. This atlas also provides a new way of reviewing thematic maps through the (My Map) project, as it gives the researcher, user and decision-makers in various fields the opportunity to create their own map by dealing with statistical data for the various census years with the availability of adding symbols and taking notes on the map. In addition to high-precision printing in various sizes and formats.