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"Through NDS3, Qatar transitions into the next phase of its development, shifting towards a sustainable economic future driven by its citizens, residents, and the private sector, while maintaining our values, identity, and social fabric."

H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani

Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Prime Minister - HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani

NDS3 Strategic Outcomes

Qatar’s Third National Development Strategy is built around seven strategic national outcomes

1 - Sustainable Economic Growth

Adopt a sustainable growth model to transform into a competitive, productive, diversified, and innovative economy

Key Elements of our Sustainable Growth Model

Qatar will fortify its global leadership in the energy sector and will develop diversification clusters to drive non-hydrocarbon economic growth.

At the nucleus of these diversification clusters will be globally competitive areas of specialization powered by an innovation agenda that builds concentrations of scientific expertise, attracts cutting-edge technology companies, and spurs exports.

Creating a business and investor-friendly environment will foster entrepreneurship and foreign investment, and also enhance the competitiveness of local companies.

Icon for Energy

Solidify our global leadership

Icon for Diversification

Develop competitive, specialized clusters for long-term sustainability

Icon for Business Environment
Business Environment

Build a leading environment for businesses and private capital

Icon for Innovation

Foster innovation to develop long-term specializations and address national challenges

Diversification Clusters

Qatar will develop the following clusters to drive economic diversification


Expand manufacturing in chemicals and low-carbon metals


Become a re-export hub in select high-value products and strengthen air transport global position


Become a tourism destination of choice for families and develop business tourism and events

IT & Digital Services

Develop Qatar's digital economy and long-term strategic capabilities in AI and other emerging technologies

Financial Services

Develop niche specializations such as insurtech, strengthen asset management and capital markets and drive digital payments


Promote Qatar as a higher education hub, develop specializations, and increase private sector participation

Food & Agriculture

Enhance food security and develop long-term specializations such as agritech


Increase private sector participation, develop medical tourism and build capabilities of long-term specializations such as precision medicine

Future Clusters

Explore building other clusters over time around key technologies, such as green tech, and around national assets, such as media and creative

Our Ambitions

Some of the NDS3 targets for 2030 that steer our strategy

Annual Non-hydrocarbon GDP growth
Annual Labor Productivity growth
Net FDI attraction
$100 Billion USD
Business Environment ranking
Top 10
Digital Competitiveness Index
Top 10
Annual International Visitors
6 Million
Global Innovation Index (GII)
Top 30
Annual Fiscal Surplus
5.5% of GDP
Share of Qataris in the Private Sector
Reduction in lifestyle disease (NCD) mortality e.g. diabetes
GHG emissions
Customer satisfaction with G2C and G2B services
Logistics Performance Index
Top 15
R&D Expenditure % GDP
% Graduates in STEM fields
Fertility Rate

Our Proposition to our Stakeholders

NDS3 offers all stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the country’s development.

Icon for Citizens


NDS3 will empower citizens to increasingly participate in economic development, providing them with a future-ready skill set and unlocking their full potential, and enabling them to enjoy a world-class quality of life.

Icon for Women


NDS3 will foster an environment where women can flourish, empowering them across all fields to assume their desired role economically, socially, culturally, and politically.

Icon for Youth


NDS3 will offer youth outstanding opportunities to study, engage, volunteer, and become active, productive citizens early on - while incentivizing their performance and participation in the future economy.

Icon for Vulnerable Segments

Vulnerable segments

NDS3 will recognize and empower vulnerable segments of society helping ensure they play a full participatory role in our economy and society.

Icon for Resident Partners


NDS3 will offer residents a world-class quality of life and a home for them and their families to partner in the long-term sustainable development of the country.

Icon for Business Investors

Businesses and investors

NDS3 will offer businesses a globally leading business environment, with a level playing field, a fast-growing economy, transparent and easily enforceable laws, enabling government policies, access to funding and talent, world-class infrastructure, opportunities for innovation, and an outstanding access to international markets.

Icon for International Community

International community

NDS3 will partner to solve global humanitarian, social, and development challenges, by sharing knowledge and resources, creating the right forums and connections across the globe and enhancing the role of Qatar in bilateral and multilateral cooperation, to serve as a true bridge between cultures and peoples.

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