Qatar National Project Management - QNPM

Qatar National Project Management (QNPM) is a national initiative was created in 2005 in the Planning Council to help build and support project professional management capacity in Qatar’s public service. It began as part of a broad program to make our public service more efficient and effective. QNPM is an evolving initiative that currently in​cludes a framework for managing projects based on a Project Lifecycle, with preset templates, job aids and other resources to help you automate project management tasks and work with your team online.

The QNPM initiative combines international best practice with the insights of local and international experts who have years of project management experience.

We decided to put between your hands the preset templates, aids and reference materials to support you to professionally manage projects to achieve better results.


The QNPM Framework for project management adapts international best practices specifically for Qatar’s public sector.

This section explains how to use the QNPM Framework at each stage of the project lifecycle: Define, Plan, Implement, and Close. It also links to key templates and job aids for each phase.


The Resources section contains Templates, Job Aids, Reference Materials, and Links to support you in managing projects more professionally and achieving better results.