Development Process


The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics(formally GSDP) has led the development of the National Development Strategy through a nationwide consultative effort with broad participation of Qataris from all segments of society, representing the private and public sectors, as well as civil society members, academics, women, and youth.

MDPS (formally GSDP) has established an elaborate framework for developing the National Development Strategy that is based on effective cooperation and coordination between all stakeholders, allowing the integration of their input and ideas in setting the recommendations of the strategy.

Concretely, regular meetings and workshops were held in which working groups representing all segments of society expressed their views and provided their input on the National Development Strategy, each according to their area of expertise. Various other channels were also made available to ensure access to constant and effective two-way communication between MDPS (formally GSDP), citizens and residents of Qatar, and all stakeholders.