Privacy Policy

The website of the  Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) is a governmental portal that contains a huge number of Qatari strategic plans and statistical information and data in the areas of demographics, housings, and establishments, as well as social, economic and environmental data, etc.

The authority shall be solely responsible for the contents of the website and no other governmental or non-governmental agency shall be provided access to the data and personal information created or collected by the authority. All data and personal information combined through surveys and censuses are securely archived, both electronically or on paper.

The authority applies all security measures available to ensure data security and confidentiality, in accordance with the provisions of Law No 2 of 2011 on Official Statistics.

The webpage may contain links to other third-party statistical national, regional, or international websites whose privacy policy may differ from those of the authority. Thus, the authority encourages users to read and review the privacy policies of these third party websites whenever accessing them from the links found on the authority webpage.

Visitors to the website should be reassured that we do not automatically gather any specific personal information from you, such as your name, phone number or email, or internet address

Standard electronic transmission of secured data by email or otherwise is not recommended, as the internet does not provide a secure environment for the transfer of data. If you wish to communicate secure data to us, please contact us and a more secure digital transfer can be arranged.

The  Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA)​ shall occasionally use session "cookies" to track your general usage of the site. We do this to monitor traffic patterns and to analyze how to improve the way the website works and the user experience.