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The library of the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) contains all books of interest to researchers covering all aspects of knowledge. The library’s books cover areas of information systems and social, economic, legal, administrative and statistical systems. In addition, the library includes statistical reports issued by the ministry, all other ministries in the State of Qatar, GCC, Arab states, and the United Nations. Moreover, the library provides interested researchers with  a range of statistical indices, books and references.

Newest Additions

Sources of Manufacturing Growth in Arab Gulf States

  • Concept of Economic Growth
  • Area and Population
  • Measuring Sources of Manufacturing Growth

Ports Economics between Theory and Practice

  • Ports Role in Economic Development Process
  • Ports Services Capacity
  • Ports Operation Regulation and Policies

Use of Aggregate Method for Preparation of Population Projections

  • Population Projections Methods
  • Population Growth Projection Methods
  • Mortality Rates Components Projection Methods

Political Economy of Oil

  • Introduction to the Fundamentals of Oil
  • Oil is a Strategic Commodity
  • Oil Alternatives

Economic Development in the Context of Local Global Variables

  • Fundamentals in Development and Social Development
  • Modern Theories and Trends in Social Development
  • Civil Society and Social Development

Introduction to Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)

  • Introduction to SPSS
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Data Handling Procedures

Integral Management of Water Resources

  • Definition of Integral Management
  • Water Resources Management Methods
  • Optimizing Water Use Efficiency in Agriculture

Knowledge Economy

  • Framework of Theory and Practice
  • Technical Developments on Global Scale (Selected Models)
  • Arab Economy; A Late Awakening or A Simulation of Global Boom

Planning for Sustainable Urban Development

  • Development Management
  • Evaluation of Social Programs and Projects
  • Social Services Facing Administrative Revolution Challenges

Impact of Social Networking Sites on Audience

  • Communication and its Modern Theories
  • Internet and Scientific Research
  • Social Networking Services