Vision and Mission

Our vision

Leading national efforts to realize aspirations of Qatar National Vision 2030 for sustainable development and a decent life for its citizens, supported by an effective development planning system that prepares coherent development strategies, and by a pioneering national statistical system that produces high-quality statistics.

Our Mission

PSA administers the preparation and follow-up of national development strategies, and provides planned technical support to those who implement the strategies. PSA also builds a national statistical system that oversees all statistical processes in the State, and provides statistical technical support to its members. PSA will carry out its mandates through:

  • Promotion of national and international partnerships.
  • Investment in workers.
  • Focus on beneficiaries.
  • Commitment to quality frameworks.
  • Keeping up with optimal planning methodologies.
  • Adoption of institutional development best practices.

Our Values

PSA is committed to integrity, transparency and accountability in its relationships with stakeholders. PSA is also committed in its work to:

  • Objectivity in dealing with issues.
  • Sharing information.
  • Professional performance.
  • Leadership in thought and practice.
  • Responding to change demands.
  • Efficiency in resource use.
  • Cooperation with partners.