Qatar Development Atlas

Qatar Development Atlas presents a number of thematic maps on various topics arranged in four sections representing the Four Pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030. It portray the results of Census 2015 through thematic maps and graphs as well as the representation of time-series comparisons.​

The Atlas maps are primarily based on the Census information gathered through the Census conducted in 1986, 1997, 2004, 2010 and 2015. The information gathered through periodical surveys and secondary data collected from different agencies is also used in deriving information and representing through these thematic maps.

Qatar development atlas is periodically updated based on upcoming request from specialized experts. You May request additional maps to be included by sending a request through Data Request page.

About Qatar

The section "About Qatar" is an introduction to Qatar's Administrative Setup, Census Hierarchy and prevailing Geographic conditions. The maps included in this section serve as a base outline to portray Census data themes at different administrative hierarchy level, analyzed and interpreted in terms of their geographic distribution and interrelationships.

Population Maps

The thematic maps included in this section represent overall population profile of the country including population distribution and changes in the past three decades. This includes Age and Sex composition, Educational level, Labor force Participation and Occupational Structure of the population etc.

Social Maps

The thematic maps included in this section Mainly cover the vital statistics including Birth and Death Rates, Dependency Ratios, Life Expectancy, Marriages and Divorces, Movement of People, Availability of Educational, Health, Sports and other Facilities to the Society, Housing and Household Characteristics and measures of Living Standards .

Economics Maps

The thematic maps included in this section represent the economics statistics which play a role in supporting the overall economic development of the country including its Infrastructures, Foreign and Internal Trade and Industries, Tourism and Sports, Landmarks, Settlement Distribution and Growth over past three decades.

​Environments Maps

The environmental maps arranged in this section highlight the environmental statistics including Land use and Land Cover and its Changes and Distribution of Land under Different Categories, Distribution of Farms and Essbas, Environmental Protected land, Soil, Geology, Underground Water, Climate including Rainfall, Temperature and Humidity, Distribution of Industrial and other Establishments.

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