In the Implement Phase, you and the project team actually do the work described in the Project Plan.

At the beginning of this phase, you have to secure the resources required to execute the project, orient team members, and get them started on work plans: this is called project mobilization or start up.

Once the team is established, you control the execution of the Project Plan using techniques to manage risks, issues, changes, quality, and cost. You also manage communications, project documents, procurement, and human resources.

As the Project Manager, your key activities are to:

  • Mobilize the team to execute the Project Plan
  • Control the execution of the Project Plan
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Report project status
  • Update the Project Plan, Schedule, Budget and Business Case as needed

As project deliverables near completion, you move from the Implement Phase to the Close Phase.

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Key Deliverables

Deliverables below are divided into Project Mobilization and Project Control.

1- Project Mobilization Deliverables

When you complete Project Mobilization deliverables, you answer the following questions:

  • How will the team work together to manage risks, issues, and changes?
  • How will the team report status? How frequently?
  • What is the process for approving and storing project deliverables?
  • What are the expectations of the team regarding standards, methodologies, and templates?
  • How will the team communicate with stakeholders?

The key mobilization deliverables that clarify how the team will work are as follows:


The key mobilization deliverables for getting the team started and aligning stakeholders are as follows:

2- Project Control Deliverables

When you complete Project Controldeliverables, you answer the following questions:

  • How is project work progressing?
  • What issues, risks, and changes does the project face and how should these be managed?
  • How much is the project actually costing?
  • What results have been achieved to date?

The key project control deliverables for reporting status and maintaining project records are as follows:

Updating project management documents that were prepared in earlier phases of project work such as the Business Case Plan, Schedule, and Budget is another important component of project control.

Key Resources

The links below will take you to templates and job aids designed to help you complete project management deliverables in this phase. See the Resources section for other materials that may be useful.