Internal Audit Unit

​​​​​​The Internal Audit Unit shall have the following functions:

  • Draft the annual audit plan for the administrative units of the Authority, submitting them to the Minister for approval, and prepare reports on the results of the audit.
  • Monitor compliance with and commitment to the implementation of laws, regulations and decisions relating to the activities of the Authority.​
  • Monitor financial documents such as receipts, payments, registers and other post-payment documents.
  • Review financial instructions, present necessary proposals for amendments thereto, and monitor their implementation.
  • Monitor procedures of staff recruitment and employment, leaves, promotions and other personnel affairs, and verify compliance with organizing laws, regulations and decisions.
  • Ensure the safety of funds, trusts, furniture, tools, buildings and other assets owned by the Authority or subject to its supervision.
  • Participate in the inventory of the contents of stores and other trusts.
​ ​