Permanent Population Committee

​​​I have the pleasure to introduce to the reader the third issue of Census 2010. Besides other publications and documents, this bulletin is a product of the Statistics Authority, which has been commissioned to conduct the largest population and establishments census in 2010. The Statistics Authority has scored remarkable achievements during its short period of existence. The coming census and signs of its success, which have started to emerge, will be the most prominent of such achievements. This new entity has provided the means of the success of this census at the forefront of which are the use of the latest technological devices used in the statistics field and a large-scale media campaign for awareness raising, Such efforts undoubtedly require support by all enteritis in Qatar, because the success of this census will be beneficial to all, particularly the Permanent Population Committee (PPC).

The Permanent Population Committee in the State of Qatar basically depends on the data provided by the Statistics Authority, Since such policy is a continuous project subject to review and re-formulation with accelerating changes undergone by Qatar and the ambitious development plans adopted by it, the efforts exerted by the Statistics Authority are appreciated, because they provide us with the latest information on such changes and plans, The complete results of the 2010 Census will be the cornerstone in the evaluation of the population policy and review of its program of action on the basis of the new and accurate data provided by the census.

On the other hand, the data provided by the Statistics Authority play an effective role in the quality of the studies issued by PPC in its series "Population Studies", which numbered 6 since July 2009. PPC has prepared a study plan for the post-2010 period depending on the important data obtained by the 2010 Census. Such data also forms a basis on which PPC Technical Office experts depend to work out appropriate scientific schemes for field studies which PPC intends to conduct with a view to identifying the population status in Qatar more accurately and clearly.

The effective role played by the data produced by the Statistics Authority has been recognized in various PPC activities. It is hoped that the census results will have a major impact on enriching such activities and expanding their scope. PPC places all its resources at the disposal of the Statistics Authority to serve the success of the 2010 Census. PPC also calls upon all entities and individuals to genuinely cooperate with those in charge of the census by providing the required information with accuracy and clarity so as to serve the population of Qatar.

Hassan Ibrahim Al Muhannadi
Acting Chairman of the Permanent Population Committee