​​The population & housing census, 2004  is a publication of the General Secretariat of the Planning Council, comprising the final results of the population and housing census, March 2004.

The population and housing census is the major statistical field operation to be implemented by a state. It is the most significant since it provides detailed data an​d information that illustrate the economic, social and demographic characteristics of the population, housing conditions and standards of welfare reached by households, along with building statistics, their characteristics and the State's constructional progress.

The massive amount of statistics and information in this publication was tabulated in accordance to the latest United Nations' recommendations, meeting the requirements of  ministries, planners, researchers, scholars and decision–makers. Scientific and practical principles and skills were  utilized to furnish statistics for the users a short time after field operations.

The effective participation and contribution of the ministries and governmental departments as well as the civic society institutions, represented in the steering committee, was highly significant in contributing  towards the success of this census.

We take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all households and individuals in the State of Qatar for their constructive cooperation and provision of accurate information to the census staff.


Hamad Bin Jabor Bin Jasim Al Thani

Secretary General