​​Census is a systematic process of collecting, compiling, evaluating, analyzing and publishing demographic, economic and social data of all individuals in a country or in a well-delimited part of a country, at a specific time.

Three censuses were conducted prior to the 2010 Census. The first was in 1986, the second was in 1997 and the last was in 2004. Results of these censuses provided the basis for sample selection to implement household and economic sample surveys, e.g. labor force survey, income and expenditure survey and annual economic survey. These censuses provided as well detailed data about households, individuals and establishments, which contributed a great extent to developing economic and social development plans to increase education opportunities, health care availability, infrastructure improvements and in general the standard of living for nationals and expatriates.

The 2010 Census served many of the same purposes and provided a benchmark for plans such as the National Development Strategy 2011 – 2016 that will help to achieve the 2030 National Vision.

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