Ministry Of Labor


Workforce is the basic driving force in society. It represents the economic power which manages the production and service aspects of society and provides the elements of continuity and sustainability in society being the elements creating financial and material wealth. In addition, it represents the bases of any society. Hence, to know the size, components, distribution and number of the workforce is of crucial importance to workforce management, capacity promotion and proper employment.

It is here where statistics, as a science and instrument, enters to provide such information contributing in a basic manner in building current and future indicators with a view to covering society's actual needs for labor with various frameworks.

Accurate statistical data on the workforce provides a scientific and practical basis to manage and organize the labor market, which is the content and tributary for the management and development of the national economy and, consequently, society so as to cover the aspects of efficiency and effectiveness in the recruitment of the required number and specializations of the labor force and project future needs.


Coordination of workforce studies and planning for them, on the one hand, and provision of comprehensive and accurate statistical data, on the other hand, provides the basic foundation for working out workforce development plans or comprehensive development plans. Through coordination with the Statistics Authority, the Ministry of Labor has requested the provision of statistical data on the national workforce and expatriate workforce with a view to meeting the requirements to manage the State of Qatar's strategies and policies on the labor market as well as in relation to developments, so as to acquire a database to assist the Ministry of Labor to implement Qatar's vision of the workforce seeking to promote growing and diversified participation by Qatari nationals in the workforce, and recruit the desired combination of foreign labor according to labor market needs, which are directly linked to the implementation of the Qatarization policy in the country.

Through the 2010 Census, the required data will be provided to ensure drawing up comprehensive plans for the labor market as well as effective plans for the national workforce and Qatarization so as to realize the development objectives in our country.

Finally, we wish success for the Statistics Authority and those in charge of the 2010 Census and call upon all citizens and expatriates to actively take part in the census through providing accurate information so as to serve the development process in Qatar, which will provide prosperity for all.

Dr. Sultan bin Hassan Al Dhabit Al Dusari
Minister of Labor