NDS Brand Identity

​The National Development Strategy will allow Qatar to show the world what it is capable of and to organiz​e an event that remains etched in people’s minds for many decades to come.
NDS Logo

T​he National Development Strategy identity plays a pivotal role in rendering the National Development Strategy a staple of our everyday lives, allowing it to make its way into our minds and hearts to become synonymous with progress, development and ​Qatari success.

As such, it was designed to reflect the attributes of the strategy in a distinctive and recognizable way, mat​​ching the importance and scale of this historic endeavor.​

Effectively, the National Development Strategy brand identity has been designed to embody and reflect the collaborative dimension of the National Development Strategy, whereby the interlaced circles represent the different sectors of the economy and the various components of the Qatari society, all coming together to unite their efforts and energies for the benefits of Qatar.

In parallel, the ever-expanding circles symbolize the many benefits that the National Development Strategy will have on the lives of all segments of the Qatari population, whereby both men and women, the young and the old, the student and the entrepreneur, the fisherman and the public servant, the athlete and the businessmen, will all equally enjoy the positive impact of the National Development Strategy on Qatar and Qataris.

This, together with the participatory dimension of the strategy, truly exemplifies what the National Development Strategy is all about, a Strategy for the people of Qatar, by the people of Qatar.