PPC Releases the Fifth National Report “The State of Qatar’s Population 2014”


In implementation of its yearly work plan, the Permanent Population Committee issued the Fifth National Report “The State of Qatar’s Population 2014 – Five Years after Launching the Population Policy”.
The report aimed at furnishing researchers and decision makers in the country with the different levels, dimensions, and developments of the population reality. The report is also meant to illuminate the progress achieved in the implementation of the population policy’s work program during the period (October 2013- October 2014).
To address the different population topics in the State of Qatar, the report draws on a number of quantitative and qualitative indicators monitored by the 13 working groups which were mandated to follow up the implementation of the population policy. Similarly, the report aims to provide a holistic panoramic picture on the current situation of population policy, and to highlight its chief achievements, challenges, and future trends.
Besides the preface, introduction, and conclusion,  the report features six chapters representing the adopted population policy’s themes, namely population and labor force; urban growth, housing and environment; education, training and the youth; public health and reproductive health; woman and childhood; the elderly and the disabled. Each of these chapters contains the goals, measures and follow-up indicators related to the population policy’s themes.
The report sums up the results of the implementation follow-up of the population policy’ measures which were embraced in the six themes during the fifth phase (October 2013 – October 2014). The measures accounted for 44, of which 35 have fully or partially  been carried out , with an achievement rate estimated at 80%.

For further details about the report and other relevant population topics, please visit the website of the Permanent Population Policy: www.ppc.gov.qa