Department of Strategy Implementation Follow-up

​​​​​​The main responsibility of the Department of Strategy Implementation Follow-up is to review the operational plans of ministries and other governmental agencies and to make sure that they are aligned  with the National Development Strategy (NDS) 2011-2016 and its subsequent national development strategies. 

Along with the abovementioned responsibilities, the Department of Strategy Implementation Follow-up contributes to the development and improvement of government institutional performance in order to ensure good implementation of the National Development Strategy, through cooperation with other departments and units in the Ministry and with other ministries and government agencies with a view to build planning capacity and to implement programs and projects outlined in the NDS’s Institutional Development and Modernization Strategy; namely:


  • Develop and implement a strategic and operational planning program across the whole government.
  • Build and develop strategic planning capacities in ministries and government agencies.
  • Develop a general framework for the management of public sector performance linked to Qatar National Vision; including interventions to address performance gaps.


Department Mandate  

 Based on the Emiri Decision No. (70) of 2018, the Department of Strategy Implementation Follow-up shall have the following functions:


  • Review the government agencies’ operational plans, through coordination, and make sure of their consistency with the NDS.
  • Monitor the implementation of the operational plans at the government agencies, according to their specified schedule.
  • Identify the problems and obstacles to the implementation of plans, and suggest appropriate solutions thereof.
  • Prepare the quarterly reports on the progress of the plans implementation, and submit them to the President who shall submit them to the Council of Ministers .​


Future Plans 
  • ​​Continue to provide technical support and advice to ministries and government agencies in order to develop their operational plans consistent with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy 2011-2016 .
  • Develop and implement plans for the implementation of programs and projects of the institutional development and modernization. The implementation of such programs and projects is the responsibility of the Planning and Statistics Authority .
  • Provide the necessary support to government agencies in order to build their capacity in the area of strategic planning, in collaboration with universities and specialized institutes.
  • Provide support and consultation to main ministries and government agencies responsible for the implementation of the projects in the institutional development and modernization (the Planning and Statistics Authority  has been identified as a supporter to main government agencies responsible for implementation in 7 programs / projects out of the 12 programs and projects in the modernization and institutional development).​
  • Prepare the regular follow-up reports on the progress of plans implementation.