Planning and Quality Unit​

​​​​​​The Planning and Quality Unit​ shall have the following functions:

  • Develop, in coordination with concerned administrative units, the Authority Strategic Plan and take the procedures for approval thereof.
  • Submit drafts of projects and programs implementation plans of different administrative units for the President's approval.
  • Monitor execution of the Authority strategic plan and the executive plans, assess the results thereof, and submit periodic reports thereon.
  • Study issues and obstacles that may occur at the implementation of the strategic plan and executive plans as well as propose appropriate solutions therefor.
  • Ensure integration of work patterns and systems with the Authority competencies and objectives, and submit the proposed recommendations in this regard.
  • Develop institutional performance evaluation programs to ensure quality of services of administrative units.
  • Review and evaluate the performance of administrative units, and to develop proposals to raise the overall efficiency thereof.
  • Study work problems and constraints in the Authority, discuss the causes, and propose appropriate solutions.
  • Propose, in coordination with the competent agencies and concerned administrative units, the plans for development of work systems and methods and simplification of procedures.
​ ​