Department of Information Systems


The Department undertakes the task of preparing and implementing plans related to the development of electronic systems for collecting, cleansing, preserving and classifying data, and then disseminates it and makes it available to people of interest, researchers and experts.

​​​​​​​The Information Systems Department shall have the following functions:

  • Prepare plans and policies for the use of computers in the Authority's activities and follow up their implementation.
  • Carry out programming, saving, retrieving and developing of information systems and data necessary for the activities of the Authority.
  • Provide and maintain hardware, software and electronic networks necessary for the automated work systems in the Authority, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.
  • Design, operate and manage databases of various kinds.
  • Provide the necessary technical support for users of electronic networks in the Authority, and train them on the use of systems, software, computers and accessories.
  • Create, monitor and update the Authority's site on the internet.