Department of Censuses, Surveys and Statistical Methods

​​​​​​​​Department of Censuses, Surveys and Statistical Methods shall have the following functions:

  • Design and implement the statistical procedures and methods, censuses and surveys, including population censuses, housing, establishments and household surveys.​
  • ​​Provide the government agencies with the technical support, through the formulation of the necessary statistical surveys requested by those agencies.
  • Design samples, develop the sampling frameworks, estimation m​ethods, and monitoring and evaluate the errors arising from samples, and statistics quality control.
  • Carry out descriptive analysis, and statistical inference which includes estimation.
  • Design questionnaires, and table of outputs.
  • Establish sampling frameworks, data purification and scheduling methods.
  • ​​​​Establish data of censuses and statistical surveys, and prepare them for publication, in cooperation with the concerned administrative units, and the competent authorities.​