​The Establishment Census was executed in May 2004, as part of Population, Housing and Establishment Census, which was conducted by the Secretariat General of the Planning Council. This Census included field visits to all establishments at the State of Qatar, regardless of whether it was practicing an activity or not or its location within the State.

The publication in your hands contains results of the Establishment Census, and includes large amount of statistics about establishments practicing its activities in Qatar, whether it was operating or stopped for any reason, national or holding nationality of another country or individual or any other form of legal entity in accordance with valid laws of the State of Qatar.

This publication as well includes statistics about employees of operating establishments, whether they were Qataris or non-Qataris, males or females, with high skills and degrees or ordinary workers and other statistics. Whereas the Secretary General of the Planning Council presents this publication containing diverse and comprehensive statistics, hopes that it will of help to planners, researchers, students and other users and helps them to reach sound decisions in planning and correct recommendations in their researches and studies t serve our beloved Qatar.

It also expects feedback, remarks, additions or amendments from the honorable users that help in avoiding any errors in the future. It is noteworthy that these statistics and other economic, social and demographic statistics are available at the Secretariat General of the Planning Council website.

With blessings of ALLAH

Hamad bin Jabor bin Jasim Al Thani

Secretary General of the Planning Council ​