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• Social Statistics A report is published periodically every two years that presents a series of comprehensive social statistics which summarize, during a period of ten years, the path of social statistical development in the State of Qatar and changes in social aspects, such as population, housing, health, education, culture and women's empowerment, among others. The most frequently used indicators are highlighted in the planning and implementation processes. The main sources of report data and indicators differ according to topics, including the administrative registers of relevant authorities, surveys and censuses. • Women and Men Statistics According to the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995, which is the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations, the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action was launched for the Empowerment and Advancement of Women in a manner that guarantees them the possibility to unleash their full potential in society by charting the course of their lives according to their aspirations. Thus, measures to be taken by governments have been adopted, including monitoring and evaluating the progress made in women's representation by collecting, analyzing and disseminating quantitative and qualitative data regularly on women and men at all levels in various decision-making positions in the public and private sectors, and setting up mechanisms within government structures to monitor progress in this field. Accordingly, Qatar has committed to issuing a statistical report for women and men in the State of Qatar, which will diagnose the variance between male and female in the social, health, educational, economic, and political fields, and to assess the progress made by the State in achieving equality and equal opportunities between men and women. The State of Qatar seeks to create a national partnership between state institutions to create conditions for advocating gender issues and advancing the lives of both women and men, which will have lasting benefits for future generations. A periodic report is published every two years to monitor changes in the aforementioned areas, where data is obtained from various sources such as records, surveys and censuses. It is the result of cooperation between the PSA and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs.
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