Press Release Machinery & Equipment Price Index (MEPI) First half 2020 (Base year 2013 =100)



• A decrease by 0.6% in MEPI indicator in the First Half of 2020.
• Annual decrease of MEPI by 1.4%.

The Planning & Statistics Authority (PSA) has released the Machinery & Equipment Price Index (MEPI) for the First Half 2020, Which reached 100.67 points, decrease by 0.6% compared with the Second Half of 2019, and  a 1.4% decrease of MEPI, when compared with the counterpart of the previous year 2020. The MEPI is one the economic indicators produced by the Authority. This indicator calculated as semi - annual, with base year 2013.

A comparison of the First Half of 2020 with that of the Second Half of 2019:
An analysis [on H-o-H basis] of MEPI [First Half, 2020 against Second Half, 2019 ] shows that seven of  the main groups were decreased namely: “General purpose machinery” by 4.9%, Musical instruments”  and “Medical appliances, precision and optical instruments”  by 4.7% each, “Office, Accounting and Computing machinery” by 3.7%. “Machinery and Electrical Appliances” by 3.6%, Metal tools and tools” by 2.4%, “Radio, Television and Communication” by 1.0%, An increase recorded in “Special-purpose machines” by 2.3%, and  “Transport equipment” by 0.9%, table(1) shows the Semiannual and annual comparison of the MEPI, and  Graph (1) shows the index of the main group with the highest weight during the First Half of 2019 to the First half of 2020.


A comparison of the First Half, 2020 with the First Half, 2019 (Yearly Changes ):
A comparison of the MEPI of First Half, 2020 with the First Half , 2019,  shown that, there has been  a decrease by 1.4%, affected by groups prices declined namely: “Musical instruments” by 7.0%, “Machinery and Electrical Appliances” by 4.9%, “Medical appliances, precision and optical instruments” by 4.6%, “Office, Accounting and Computing machinery” by 4.0%, ”Radio, Television and Communication” by 1.8%. and  “Special-purpose machines” by 0.5%. An increase recorded in  “Transport” by 0.5% and  “Metal tools and tools” by 0.4%.  “Graph (2) shows the trend of MEPI during the First Half of 2019 to the First Half of  2020.


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