Qatar to Begin Polling Opinions for the 2017 IMD World Competitiveness Report

​​​The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDP&S), in collaboration with the Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland will be carrying out the “Executive Opinion Survey” during the months of February and March of 2017. The survey data will complement hard statistical data and provide qualitative analysis about economic policy, regulations and various aspects of the business environment which influence the nation’s competitiveness ranking. The 2017 IMD World Competitiveness Report, scheduled for release in June, will measure strengths and weakness in Qatar's economic environment and compare these with other nations. Dr. Saleh Al Nabit, Minister of MDP&S, stated that “the report will help identify areas where competitiveness could be improved, as well as provide important information for prospective investors and the general public.”

Qatar ranked 13th (out of 61 countries) in the 2016 Competitiveness Yearbook.   The high ranking stems from the strong macroeconomic performance of the Qatari economy coupled with the  ongoing reforms and modernization of government institutions.