MDPS organizes a training program for Qatar University students


​In light of its cooperation with the different agencies and sectors in Qatar, the MDPS started yesterday, 15 January 2017 a training program for a number of Qatar University students (College of Arts and Sciences). The course aims to identify the work mechanisms in both sectors of planning and statistics at the MDPS.
Qatar University students will know, during the five-week training program, the MDPS’ specialization in general, and the planning sector in particular, regarding the implementation follow-up of the NDS 2011-2016 related plans and projects, as well as the mechanisms adopted to prepare for the second NDS 2017-2022.
The students will also be informed about the work mechanism of the statistics sector at the MDPS, and the conduct of the different field surveys, in addition to the census data significance for the country’s decision makers.

It is noteworthy that the MDPS delivered a couple of various training programs for Qatar University students last year, aiming to raise awareness of the importance of strategic planning in the country, and its periodically released statistical data importance for the preparation of the plans of several agencies in Qatar.