The new edition of “Qatar; Monthly Statistics” bulletin, Increasing Population Derives High Demand on Goods and Services during March 2016


​The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics has released the 27th edition of (Qatar; Monthly Statistics) which is released on a monthly basis to highlight detailed statistics on State of Qatar recorded during the period March 2016 in addition to glance from 2015 census.

The demographic statistics within bulletin shows that Qatar’s population has reached 2,527 million in March 2016, an annual increase of 7.7% as the population attained 2,347 million in March 2015, with total of 1,918 births during March 2016 and total of 199 deaths during the same period.

General index (CPI) of March 2016 showed an increase of 3.3% compared with March 2015. This [Y-o-Y] price surge is primarily due to the increasing prices seen in the eight groups, namely: “Recreation and Culture” by 11.2%, “Education” by 7.1%, “Housing, Water, Electricity and Gas” by 5.4%, “Furniture and Household Equipment” and “Transport“ by 1.5% each, “Miscellaneous Goods and Services” by 1.4%, “Restaurants and Hotels” by 1.1%, and “Communication” by 0.2%.

The bulletin also highlights the number of vehicles registered in March 2016 which was recorded to be 9,419 compared to 8,259 during February 2015, with a monthly increase amounting to 14.0%. Traffic violations amounted to 126,948 in March 2016, with a monthly decrease amounting to 10.6% compared to February 2016.
Total broad money supply (M2) recorded about 506 Billion Riyals during the month of March 2016 showing a monthly increase of 0.23 % compared to February 2015. Similarly cash equivalents; includes deposits increased by 3.5 % during March 2016 in comparison with February 2016, as it recorded about 662 Billion Riyals. In contrast, Total broad money supply (M2) recorded a negative year-on-year change of 0.52%, while cash equivalents; includes deposits, recorded a positive year-on-year change of 6.5%.

Next issue will be released at end of May 2016, More detailed data is available on Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics website: and Qatar information Exchange website: . In addition, you can send an email to

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