Memorandum of Understanding Between MDPS and QF


On Tuesday, March 22, the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) and Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) signed a memorandum of understanding that aims to develop cooperation in the implementation of a field survey on research and development.

The MoU was signed by HE Dr. Saleh bin Mohammed al-Nabit, Minister of Development Planning and Statistics and Mr. Faisal Mohammed Al Suwaidi, President of Research and Development at Qatar Foundation, on the sidelines of The Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference 2016 (ARC'16)  held at the Qatar National Convention Center on 22 - 23 March 2016.

The MoU stipulates the development of a national statistical system for research and development to meet the needs and in response to international requirements of building an international database in the UNESCO Institute for Statistics in a view to make international comparisons on the measurement of spending on research and development and the assessment of the workforce size in this field. This is to be implemented through conducting a statistical field survey to measure the research and development indicators in order to obtain information and statistical data on R&D sector in the State of Qatar.

MDPS and QF will conduct the joint survey  in order to have an idea on the statistical reality of research and development in Qatar as accurately and objectively as possible, by using the latest technological means.

Moreover, MDPS and QF will share statistical information and data that aim to continuously measure the research and development indicators in the State of Qatar.

This MOU comes to meet the statistical information and data needs of planners, policy makers and all agencies related to research and development to help them to plan, draw and formulate policies relating to research and development, and then to make decisions based on reliable evidence.

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