(50.7%) Reduction in Land area Purchased during January 2016


The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics has released the 25th  edition of (Qatar; Monthly Statistics) which is released on a monthly basis to highlight detailed statistics on State of Qatar recorded during the period January 2016 in addition to glance from 2015 census.

The most-highlighted statistical variable in this edition is the number of properties sold with 283 property sold during the month of January 2016, registering a monthly decrease of 23.3% compared to December 2015. Detailed data of the number of properties sold shows a decline in lands area purchased with 101 deals  and a monthly decrease of 50.7%, which had a direct impact on the total number of properties sold during January 2016.

Similarly, the value of sold properties recorded monthly has decreased of 10.2% with total of 3.98 billion QR compared with the month of December 2015 which was 3.61 billion QR.
The annual change as recorded decrease of 73.3% compared to January 2015 with value amounted to 14.88 billion QR.


On the other hand,  the demographic statistics bulletin shows that Qatar’s population  has reached 2,421 million in January 2016, an annual increase of 8.3% as the population attained 2,235 million in January 2015, with natural increase (per 1000 population) reached 1.3 during year until end of November, with total of 2,030  births during  January 2016 and total of 209 deaths during the same period.

The bulletin also pointed out that the movement in Hamad International Airport on  the overall performed a high levels of activity during January 2016,  in terms of Arriving passengers ( includes transits and transfers ) the total was 1,559.618 passengers with a monthly increase of 7.7% , including 169,311 visitors to the State of Qatar from different regions during January 2016 .

The bulletin also highlights the number of vehicles registered  in January 2016 which was  recorded to be 8,767 compared to 10,317 during December 2015, with a monthly decrease amounting to 15.0%. Traffic violations amounted to 130,548 in January 2016, with a monthly decrease amounting to 8.5 % compared to December 2016.

Total broad money supply (M2) recorded about 505 Billion Riyals during the month of January 2016 showing a monthly decrease of 3.2 % compared to December 2015.

Similarly cash equivalents; includes deposits  decreased by 1.4 % during January 2016 in comparison with December 2016, as it recorded about 641 Billion Riyals. In contrast, Total broad money supply (M2) recorded a positive year-on-year change of 0.4%, similarly cash equivalents; includes deposits, recorded a positive year-on-year change of 9.1%.

Next issue will be released at end of March 2016.

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