Training Workshop for Workers in the Overall Trends of Qatari Women’s Sports Survey

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) and the Ministry of Culture and Sports organize a training workshop for workers in the General Trends of Qatari Women’s Sports Survey at MDPS headquarters during the period 8-10 March 2016.

The workshop aims to train and qualify field researchers to carry out the survey in different areas of the State of Qatar. The survey shall include a random sample of about 3,000 Qatari girls and women (15 years and over).

The survey will be implemented adopting the latest methods of data collection through an electronic questionnaire of 28 questions. The questionnaire has been uploaded on electronic palm devices. Women researchers shall collect data from Qatari women and transfer them on the spot to the main database at MDPS headquarters.

It is to be noted that this survey also aims to identify the extent of women’s interest to exercise in government and private sports organizations, as well as to locate the places where Qatari women exercise on a regular and irregular basis.

It is expected that the survey results will help the Ministry of Culture and Sports to build a strategy for women's sports and develop plans needed to activate the role of institutions working in this area.