The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics Receives Students Delegation from Independent Secondary Schools for Boys



Within the framework of interaction with the institutions and sectors of the State and society, the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) received a students delegation from Ibn Taymiyyah Independent Secondary School for Boys, Ahmad bin Mohammad Al-Thani Independent School for Boys, and Nasser Bin Abdullah Al-Attiyah Independent Secondary School for Boys on Wednesday 02.03.2016 at MDPS’ premises.

This visit comes as part of MDPS plan to spread awareness among school students, to raise their educational and knowledge levels about MDPS mandates and to introduce them to the objectives and importance of Qatar Vision 2030, as well as the concept of statistics and census in their different forms and the methods of data analysis and sources. The visit also aims to provide information about MDPS departments and services provided in support of development decision-making in the State.

In response to questions from students about MDPS role, Sheikha Amal Yousuf Al Thani, Head of National Accounts Section at the Economic Statistics Department, explained that the ministry's role is important in the census process, which is largely reflected on the success of strategic projects and studies in Qatar.

Ms. Turfa Saad Al-Zarraa, Acting Director of Public Relations and Communications, also explained to the students about MDPS’ key role in carrying out development plans and statistical processes in the State, noting the importance of the students’ role in raising awareness about Qatar Vision 2030.

At the end of the visit, the school students expressed their gratitude to the Ministry, stating that they had great benefits from this visit, and they became well aware of  MDPS’ work and important role.​