Visit of a Delegation from the Republic of Indonesia to the Planning and Statistics Authority


​A delegation from the Republic of Indonesia has paid a visit to the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) on 31 March 2019, accompanied by a number of the Indonesian Embassy staff. The visiting delegation listened to an explanation of PSA functions and mandates by Mr. Hamad Rashed Al-Athba, Planning Advisor in the Office of PSA President.

Ms. Noura Al-Muraikhi, Director of Strategic Planning, later gave a presentation on Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to transform the State of Qatar by 2030 into a developed country capable of achieving sustainable development and providing a decent life for its people generations to come

. She talked also about the goals of the National Development Strategy 2018-2022, that aim to realize the QNV objectives and how to benefit from all the components of Qatari society, including ministries, government agencies, the private sector and civil society organizations. All of which is in line with the National Development Priorities 2018-2022 based on reliable statistical data that are consistent with the Global Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, the future needs of the Qatari society and the studies and surveys conducted on the environment surrounding development projects and the goals to be achieved.

Later, the delegation listened to a presentation by Ms. Maha Al-Muraikhi, Director of Strategy Implementation Follow-up Dept., on the follow-up tools and frameworks, the obstacles facing implementation and means of overcoming them based on the previous implementation of the first NDS 2011-2017, and the current implementation of the second NDS 2018-2022.

Finally, Ms. Torfa Al-Zarraa, Director of Public Relations, presented a documentary on the comprehensive renaissance in the State of Qatar in light of QNV 2030, which covers the four QNV pillars: economic, human, social and environmental. It is also of a sustainable nature so that the present and future generations can reap its benefits.

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